Technical details

Unix-Solutions Datacenter Zaventem


  • Operational since 2013
  • Location: Zaventem
  • Building <> sea level: 60m
  • Datacentre space: 1000m2
  • Office space: 500m2 (offices, flex desks, meeting room)

Power & Environment

  • 800KVA grid connection with redundant HV feeds
  • Dedicated high voltage infrastructure
  • Redundant ATS infrastructure with automatic switchover to generators in case of power loss
  • 2N Redundant generators with 24h fuel supply (within 24h refueling contracts are in place)
  • 2N+1 Redundant UPS Systems (2x3x200KVA)
  • 2N HVAC Chiller capacity with free cooling
  • 2N HVAC CRAC unit capacity in the IT rooms
  • 2N HVAC chilled water piping
  • 24x7x365 Temperature & Humidity monitoring
  • 24x7x365 Power usage monitoring




  • High Resolution 24x7x365 CCTV surveillance with 60 day video archiving
  • Multi-zone HID Proximity access control system
  • Multi-zone Intruder detection system
  • Redundant Fire detection systems (VESDA + Smoke Detectors)
  • Burglar resistant safety doors (EN 1627 class 3)
  • Water leakage detection system
  • Secure server cabinets with HID access control system
  • Multi-path cabling using diverse pathways
  • ESD Precautions (bonding points, server cabinet & IT room floor grounding)
  • Secure Storage Available

Network / Connectivity

  • Fully redundant fiber entry
  • Multiple non-crossing cabling paths
  • Own Autonomous System (AS39923)
  • Multiple TIER-1 ISP connections (Level3, Tiscali, Cogent, BICS, Joint-Transit)
  • Multiple peering exchange connections (AMS-IX, BNIX, NL-IX)
  • Looking Glass: